Did you know we can take out a carpet and pad and replace it with a beautiful hardwood floor with out spending a fortune? If you have an office or bedroom that is around 12 x 15, a new, installed hardwood could be done with new molding, 3/4 inch solid or Engineered floor for $1440.00 complete! Plus, there is no sales tax on Capital Improvements.

Also, don’t forget that Laminate Floors are still the best bet for high use or even abuse. In the same situation as we talked about above, a Laminate could be installed for $990.00.

We also carry the latest in LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile. These are products that can look like ceramic or Hardwood and solve most moisture problems that you may have in your basement. These floors can run price-wise around the middle of the other two products.

Don’t forget, we always give free estimates on all our products inside of your home. We also let you borrow our samples so you can take them out and price-shop us!

Always check references and get two estimates on all flooring projects.

Thanks for reading my info,

Cliff Kemp, owner

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring
This is our most recent floor install. It is in Webster, the family was moving and this upgrade was about $1500.00.. but it helped them to sell the home quickly. It is the only hardwood in the home.

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Caccia Wood install in Brighton