Cliffs' Tips and Advice

Installation of carpet:

Have you ever seen these tools in your home? If you bought your new carpet from one of the BIG stores in Rochester, it's not likely.

Carpet toolsThe long tool is a power stretcher. This tool is designed to stretch your new carpet in a very specific way, the same way ALL manufacturers require that the installation must be done. The smaller tool next to the power-stretcher is a knee-kicker. A knee-kicker is designed to put carpet on steps. If the installers in your home use a knee-kicker to stretch your room in, it won't work. Although, using a knee-kicker to stretch your living room, bedroom, hallway or family room is MUCH FASTER. The deal you got on the "free labor" may cost you $200.00 next summer, when all your carpets buckle. Of could call the original retailer and have them fix it for free (under warranty), but, they won't remember who you are. If they do remember who you are they will probably tell you; "you'll have to call the installer". But of course "they don't work here anymore".

You see, when you get a "free installation", you get a couple of contractors that work for low pay (on a per yard basis) and seem to quit every where they work, very often.

I do re-stretching of carpets every week. Almost always for one of the big area stores. Stores that sell millions of dollars worth of carpets every year. Huge sales numbers made up of "impulse buyers", with expensive long-term financing, then they get contractor workers that work really, really fast.

Once again, you get what you pay for.

Cliff Kemp, owner of Cliff Kemp Carpet Carpet

Did you get a deal at Lumber Liquidators?

Well, all those short boards and discount prices might come back to bite you on your butt ! This company is being investigated for selling potentially chemically dangerous products from China. Products loaded with formaldihyde and other chemicals that may (or will) harm your family. They are making lots of money off your health and the diseases that will affect your children in the near and distant future.

You are kiddin' me right? shop local, buy American. don't buy poison at any price.

My neighbor where I live bought from them and he has all 18 inch hardwood flooring boards, and get this....he thinks it looks good. Plus, they are all cupped, that means if you spill a glass of water, you won't have a puddle on your will have thirty small puddles all over.

Lumber Liquidators is selling you, just to make money.

You get what you pay for, take this advise from my dad.

The Home Depot The Home Depot "Play"

Notice the Home Depot estimate here: View ESTIMATE HERE. 52.67 yds of carpet and pad installed at $33.97 per yd should total $1789.00... but wait, check the final amount of the cost; $2,500.50. That’s including “FREE” installation.

So why is the final price $711.00 more? Because they confuse the customer and add a lot of high cost extra charges. We don’t!

Do you really believe they are giving stuff away FREE?