Big Box Comparison

Carpet Carpet

Carpet Carpet

If we can't beat Home Depot and Lowe's estimate for new carpet or flooring by at least $100.00 , we will give you $25.00*

In the top photo I am showing Lowe's sample of "Flickenger II"... the real name is "Hollywood Hill II" by Horizon. Lowe's sells it for $6.50 per sq. ft., thats $58.50 per yard! that's outragious.I can sell you the exact same product for $40.00 w/ 8 pound pad and labor, complete.

In the lower photo Home Depot shows this product with their made up name "Anna Maria"... they sell this product for $34.00 per yard, CARPET ONLY. I can give you the exact product for $35.00 installed with 8 pound pad AND labor complete.

The fact is, if those big stores had such great prices then why do they change all the names? I'll tell you why.... It's because they are trying to confuse you.

Get the straight pitch from me, no gimmicks. Real names, real warranties, real service.

Come to my store and you can meet the owner... try that at a national chain or franchise.

Sincerely, Cliff Kemp, Owner.

*1. Job must be minimum of 25 sq. yds.(225 sq. ft.) of installed flooring.
*2. Customer must have estimate and sample of product at site.
*3. Customer allows 48 hrs. for us to beat offer with same or better product.
*4. Customer is ready to purchase.